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We are an Online Directory Advertising, Promotion, Marketing and Media Website that is SEO Friendly with Free Online Directory Service for Faster inclusion on this directory.  A fast alternative to the Open Directory Project!!




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Online Directory

This article talks about how online directory and search program can benefit webmasters. Basically, I talk about how important it is for webmasters to know the techniques necessary to promote their websites in the organic search results.


An Online directory is similar to a physical phonebook. It is simply organized and stored in databases for search. It is primarily organized in sub directories and categories of all kinds of subjects. A listing generally has a title, description, and a web address. Clicking on the title will send you to that web site.


Usually, people will arrive at a website from an online directory or search engine. As most online directories have a search program (search engine) for easy search by the end-user for quicker access. As going through sub directories and categories can be a bit tedious.


Users usually search with a keyword, a key phrase, or a search term as search engines have algorithms as well. Once the term has been entered into the program, a list of websites are pulled up beginning in the order of most relevance.


Because of the design of search programs on directories or stand-alone programs like, and webmasters need to be able to understand the basics for effective web promotion within the organic search results that can actually lead to web traffic. Here are some important techniques to apply to your website for higher ranking and for web traffic from any directory or search engine.


1. Meta Tag - Write your web pages with Meta tags or insert Meta tags in your web pages to be index appropriately. When creating your Meta tags, consider the appropriate keywords or key phrases that are specific to your website. Place your Meta tags at the appropriate place of the web page, usually in the top part of the HTML.


2. Content Writing - web spiders look for Meta tags, along with unique content for ranking. A well-written and well-designed website has a long list of keywords ranking. Search spiders, usually look for the uniqueness of a website for proper ranking, preferably higher ranking and also, to rule out the spammers.


Today, more and more websites are created, a lot of them lack the quality and the integrity that search engine users or online directory users are looking for or even search engine spiders are looking to rank. Understanding the dynamic nature of online marketing will help enhance your web promotion. Do not let your website be left in the millions, it is important to get your website out with just these few techniques for better ranking and enhanced web traffic.

SEO Strategies

This article is just a brief discussion on the basic strategies involved in the nature of search engine optimization. It discusses your SEO service needs along with your firm's well being.


You hear so much about search engine optimization (SEO) and wonder if you just optimize your website that is it.  And that will be enough for your website to gain the traffic it needs for business.  Well, that all depends on what you know about search engine optimization. 


First SEO can be a very broad area of internet marketing.  While, SEO is basically optimizing a web page or an entire website with Meta Tags as title tags, description tags, and keyword tags in the right place of web pages.  This is a rather basic technique to gain web traffic.  As the optimized website basically opens it up to search engine spiders to crawl that information to be indexed and ranked in search engines. Optimization is simply, the foundation to web traffic that needs to be built upon with other series of detail tasks.  That must be done regularly to improve and ensure growth in website traffic. 


These tasks can be very long and detailed oriented some of them are link exchanges with other webmasters, blogging, article submissions, directory submissions, search engine submissions and many more.   


You will need patience and time to do these tasks to gain the desired web traffic in the long run.  While it may be time consuming, consistency is very important as well.  You may consider having a plan with a goal to motivate you and to help you get through stage by stage. 


Although, the task is tedious, the reward can be real and lasting.  And it actually exceeds pay-per-click advertising in the end.  Note that, being consistent with search engine optimization tasks can actually aid in reaching your goals a lot faster. 


If you are a growing business starting out with SEO service for your website, you might want to consider hiring a team to handle the task to help you make the most of it.  For example, you may want to hire for each of these tasks: link building, website maintenance, or even creation of leads for your website or products, and maintaining social network pages.


If it works out best for you to outsource, then the work must be outsourced to allow your firm to concentrate on its core competences in maximizing its value.  Understanding SEO can make a huge difference in either an online enterprise or a storefront enterprise.  Effective application of SEO strategies for an organization can actually make a difference in the bottom-line with the increasing growth in the internet community.

Free SEO Stuff / Kit

This article is simply going to discuss some SEO tools and tips you need to help with your online marketing program for your website traffic.


For starters, SEO is search engine optimization. This is a technical process that is performed on web pages for an entire website to help gain online traffic. It is a fundamental technique in the process of SEO it starts with Meta tags.  Meta tags are created and placed in the right parts of the HTML of a web page optimizing the page for search engines.


Once a website has been properly optimized, it must be sent to search engines and or search directories to be indexed. There are several types of search engines and search directories. For simplicity, there are the general types and vertical types.  An example of general type is, or the growing search engine and directory  Also, examples of types are shopping, medical, and travel sites.   In reality though, there are so many kinds of them on the web today. Please refer below for the site to a list of search engines.  On the financial side, generally, some are free, while, others are free with reciprocal link-exchanges and for the rest there is a fee for inclusion even with a reciprocal link-exchange.


SEO service involves a huge amount of work.   If you have a major picture for your online business or you simply want a successful online business, you may want to consider setting up a team to help you run your online business particularly, with SEO work. The work involved in is an ongoing process. For example, you need to perform adequate link-building, update web pages regularly, blog, and keep an eye out for competitors' changes and much more. Here are some free online resources to help you with your endeavors (they may ask for a fee in the future).


To check how your website is doing as far as web traffic goes go to under the link business solutions. Google offers a list of free tools for webmasters one of them is the Google Analytics.  This is an excellent free tool for website owners and webmasters to study the statistics of their web traffic and more.   Websites stats are very important in SEO; statistical software programs can be very expensive, Google Analytics may be the solution for your business.


Find, search engine list on



Online Directory gathers website URLs or website addresses in a form of links compiled into categories to be searched easily.  Directories online usually accompany a search engine for faster access.  At the present, although, search engines are ever more sophisticated, online directories are becoming increasingly more important especially, for faster relevant search results and affordable advertising. 

Our goals here are to offer relevant and more comprehensive search and quality web traffic.  We also aim at bringing all the websites in world under one name for all.  Providing easier and faster inclusion no - nonsense service is our alternative to the open directory project. 

Inclusion service cost $9.99 / a whole year!!  This is what helps maintain the site for you, bringing you more quality web traffic.  I think it is a fair Deal.  Free inclusions happen as well but paying a service fee secures your website on the directory and much more - You just have to find out!!!!!


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